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Our team of licensed agents have helped thousands of clients find the coverage they need.   We are proud to serve upstate New York, with two convenient locations in Hudson Falls, and Galway giving us the ability to serve the many communities surrounding us.  We are grateful for the continued business of our valued customers since 1932!.

We are an independent insurance agency, thus the insurance companies we represent are among the best in the business. We are here to assist you in-person and around the clock through our website. It could feel like asking for the moon when you’re asking for the appropriate insurance protection, exceptional claim service when you need it, and the correct pricing. We make it appear effortless.


Car Insurance

Car owners use The Kinney Insurance Agency to compare auto insurance rates online. This choice is a good technique to compare vehicle insurance costs and acquire coverage.

Before buying a policy, a motorist must know the insurance options, such as:

Liability covers bodily harm and property damage after an accident.
PIP covers reasonable and essential medical and hospital expenditures when an insured is harmed.
If another motorist is uninsured or doesn’t have enough insurance, the other driver won’t be covered. Drivers should get this protection due to probable out-of-pocket payments.
Collision coverage compensates for damage to your automobile from other cars or objects. Broken glass, fire, theft, vandalism, and animal collisions are covered under comprehensive insurance.
Many things affect auto insurance premiums. Type of coverage, automobile, driver’s record, location, and yearly mileage are major considerations. As required, owners can reduce coverage to lower costs.

New York auto insurance customers may save time and money. The Kinney Insurance Agency insures automobiles, trucks, SUVs, vans, motorbikes, RVs, and more, including historic autos.


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House Insurance

Before comparing estimates, property insurance customers should decide on coverage. Possessions coverage is a crucial consideration. Some owners and renters raise it to safeguard collections, antiques, jewels, guns, and costly goods like musical instruments.

Renters and owners can compare insurance choices after deciding on a level of coverage. The Kinney Insurance Agency compares home insurance rates from many carriers. This saves time and money and lets buyers rely on the agency’s knowledge.



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Life Insurance

Business car insurance
Every business with a car requires physical damage coverage. Vehicle insurance protects your business’s assets. You need collision, comprehensive, and liability coverage for a fleet.

CGL Insurance (CGL)
Too many firms lack adequate CGL coverage. Mistakes can arise when selling or offering a service. Procedure errors might vary. You may potentially face a faulty product claim. CGL protects you.

Property Insurance
Your firm needs property insurance if you own or lease real estate. It prevents fires, vandalism, and theft. What if your inventory was suddenly destroyed? Could your company withstand such a loss? Commercial property insurance eliminates that anxiety.

NY Work Comp
New York mandates all employers to have workers’ comp. This insurance covers injured workers’ medical expenditures and time off. It helps company owners, too. You have no long-term financial responsibility to your employee’s medical expenditures following an accident.

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Travel Insurance

We all want to think we’ll live forever, but our time will come. Life insurance can help you relax. Life insurance may cover burial costs, mortgages, college tuition, and more after your death. It can help you financially while you’re still alive. Whole life, universal life, and variable universal life insurance develop cash worth that you may borrow against in an emergency or draw annuity payments from in retirement. The Kinney Insurance Agency can compare life insurance products to find you the best deal.

People worry more about future finances due to the rising expense of living. People support their retirement using pensions, annuities, IRAs, 401 Ks, and 403 Bs. All of these financial programs function the same way: you put money in while working and get it back when you retire. How money is paid in and taxed differs amongst financial vehicles. Employers may contribute to 401 Ks, 403 Bs, and pensions. Payroll deductions are used. IRAs are accounts you open yourself and pay using your own bank account or payroll deduction. Depending on the form of IRA, deposits and withdrawals are taxed. Upstate New York residents worried about their financial futures should call The Kinney Insurance Agency.

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